Most people and companies hire a real estate attorney only after they run into a legal issue. Perhaps they have a tenant who fails to pay the rent. Or there is a landlord who doesn’t fix the air conditioning or heat. Fewer individuals hire a real estate attorney to help them navigate the purchase of a home or commercial building. Given that a real estate purchase, whether it is a home, condominium, apartment building, office building, or vacant land, is quite often the biggest purchase one will make in their lifetime, why is this the case?

The biggest reason why most decide to forego the hiring of a real estate attorney is that they believe that the legal fees would cost too much. Others incorrectly believe that they can do the paperwork on their own, and catch all of the potential legal issues. It is true that in today’s environment, most of the paperwork involved (especially in single-family residential real estate transactions) is standardized. However, just because a contract just has blanks to fill in does not mean that all legal issues go away. Who is there to review the contract to ensure that it is fair to both sides? Who is there to represent you to ensure your legal rights are represented?

Venkata S. Paturi, Esq. has been handling real estate matters for over 17 years. The firm’s primary practice is to handle real estate closings, procure title insurance, and represent either buyers or sellers from the inception of the real estate contract to post-closing. The firm can issue title insurance, review environmental reports and surveys, and work with lenders to ensure that closings occur on time and with a minimum of delay or frustration. Contact us today to see what top-level service at a fair price can do for you!